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All Aspects of Modern and Professional Tree Care

Established by Tony Wellman in 1991

Specialising in high quality tree work, executed with pride and diligence. Based on traditional values; bringing professionalism, quality, knowledge and expertise to an industry that often suffers from a poor image caused by questionable workmanship and business ethics.

We have full insurance cover (£5M Public and Products and £10M Employers Liability) and are qualified through The Royal Forestry Society & National Proficency Tests Council (NPTC) with 47 years of experience, as of 2017. We're also an associate member of the Arboricultural Association.

Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire & Wiltshire


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Above: one of our GoPro-camera highlight videos, showing the sectional removal of some Birch trees in Bucklebury. View more...

Our family history

We have generations of experience in the industry


Tree felling (1950's)
Left to right: Eric, Edward


"Grubbing out" a walnut (1950's)
Left to right: Dick, Eric, Derek


Felling at Woolley Park (1970's)
Left to right: Eric, Tony, Michael

Eric: Tony's Father

Michael: Tony's Brother

Edward: Tony's Grandfather

Derek: Tony's Uncle

Dick: Eric's mentor & boss

"My business today has its roots in the original family business of Wellman Bros, formed by my father Eric and his brother Derek, with their first advert in the Newbury Weekly News newspaper in 1948... Dad was only eighteen. The original business was mainly large timber felling for sawmills in the production of furniture and fencing products. Large timber felling is a very specialised profession and Wellman Bros were a much sought-after partnership."

- Tony

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